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Our 24 Hour Hair Styling Wax Stick smooths hair and improves shine. (Non-greasy, no white flakes, no frizz, no hardening), maintain the best condition throughout the day.


Used on Various Hair Types:

 Whether you are naturally or chemically straight, or naturally curly, our 24 Hour Hair Styling Wax Stick was formulated to give you hold wherever you need it most.



Apply to dry or damp hair. For short hair (2-3 inches in length), apply in a circular motion over entire head, then style with fingers. For mid to long hair lengths, flick hair wax through mid-lengths to ends.  Top tip:  You don’t have to apply it straight to your head either - apply the wax stick to the hands first and use fingers to create the final details.



24 Hour Hair Styling Wax Stick

  • Wax Stick for Wigs

    • Enhances wispy and spiky styles.
    • Enhance the shine of the wig, nourish the wig to make the hair more soft and easy to comb.
    • Helps fuse hair together when designing braids and twists.


    Flyaway Tamer

    • Smoothes down fly-aways and frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas
    • Non-sticky and non-greasy
    • Smoothes frizz and edge flyaway control


    Soft Styling

    • Soft styling, also suitable for natural hair.
    • Non-sticky styling for a more natural look.
    • Stick design is easier to use in small areas, Helps detail styles.
    • Does not weigh hair down.
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